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Snížené poplatků v UK akrobatické asociaci

Saturday, March 7th, 2015


Since the discussions at the AGM a couple of weeks ago, the committee have had lengthy discussions about how best to proceed with scheduling Membership Fees for 2015 onwards. The result is a structured fee system that takes account of the age om members and incorporates a discount to encourage new members of all ages. By combining these lower admission fees with a push on recruitment and publicity, we are hoping that the nett effect will be beneficial both in the accounts and, more importantly, in the number of active flying members of the BAeA.

On the website there is now a new Membership Application from for 2015, and the section of it that shows how much you are expected to pay is reproduced below. Of primary concern, if you are under 30 years of age, is to calculate your age on Jan 1st 2015 (the year of membership) as this will determine the cost.

Whatever your age, if 2015 is the first year of joining, of if you are returning to active membership after a hiatus of 3 or more years, then you will get the privilege of a discounted initial membership.


If you were under 25/30 and have rejoined already for 2015 at the full rate {£120 pwr, £92 glider) then you may be entitled to a refund, so contact Jen in the usual way to discuss your wishes.

If you have read this email and the form and are still confused, then email Nick B or myself for further help!!

Happy 2015 to all,

Alan Cassidy

CIVA má novou část webu.

Saturday, March 7th, 2015

The CIVA News website, having been withdrawn after the last CIVA plenary meeting last October pending a thorough overhaul, has now been completely re-designed and has today been re-launched in its new format.

Point your browser at –

to have a look. Some of what is there is new material, some is the usual CIVA documentation and information – dressed up now in a much smarter uniform, we hope. More pages and sections are in progress and will be published there as soon as they have been thoroughly tested and approved.

The sister website CIVA Results ( continues unchanged …

Two new aerobatic websites this year!!


Anglická skutečná akrobacie

Friday, October 31st, 2014

Rather belatedly … on the BAeA website home page is a new page detailing the BAeA pilots and other members who either have or shortly will be pitching their skills at international events this year.

Gerald Cooper and Pete Rounce did their thing at the European Championships at Matkópuszta in Hungary a couple of months back, in three weeks or so it’s the turn of no less than eight BAeA intermediate hopefuls with Team Manager Steve Todd at the inaugural World Intermediate Championships at Mossel Bay in South Africa. Wish them luck!

The Teams page is here …
All the WIAC results will all in due course be posted here …
You’ll find the WIAC website with up-to-date info about the event here …


Anglické akrobatické sekvence na rok 2014

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013

These are (nearly) all available from the BAeA web now, in all
appropriate formats, on the usual page at:
Only the Apprentices and Masters to go ….

And RaC news letter for your information, and for something to do whilst not flying………. here:
Nick Buckenham

Akrobatická ročenka v UK – zpět k papíru!

Monday, February 11th, 2013

Po mnoha letech se UK akrobatická asociace rozhodla obnovit vydávání akrobatické ročenky. Její vydávání kdysi před lety zastavil Internet. Avšak stále více se ukazuje, že Internet není všemocným médiem a jsou situace, kdy je potřeba mít základní informace po ruce v tištěné ročence. Především noví piloti z ročenek získají mnohem rychleji přehled o minulém vývoji a následně o celkové aktuální situaci v tomto krásném sportu.

Britská akorbatická asociace upozorňuje svoje piloty na změny v FCL

Friday, January 18th, 2013

Více info zde:

Všimněte si konzistence podávaných informací mez jednotlivými leteckými organizacemi.

BAeA power and glider sequences for 2013

Friday, December 21st, 2012

Je to hotovo! V UK vše připravena no další sezonu. Může se vesele trénovat. Více

Jak jsme na tom v ČR? Už má naše slavná česká akrobatická oligarchie také namalovány sestavy? 😀

Britská akrobatická akademie otevřena!

Friday, December 7th, 2012

A jeden!! Letadla, kemping, zkušení instruktoři, vše je připraveno pro výrobu nových akrobatů! Více info o cenách a programech zde:

Na videu najdete jeden z programů se stejným instruktorem a stejným letadlem. Naučíme Vás akrobacii od nuly až po první závody!! Jak je vidět z nabídky na webu, odpadlo dojíždění do kempu a nutnost zapůjčení auta. V případě potřeby Vás lze vyzvednout přímo na letišti.

Bylo jednání komise CIVA

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

22 delegátů
Prezident Mike Heuer ukončil funkci po 26 letech
Palo Kavka získal diplom
změny v katalogu prvků
zneužití TA systému rozhodčími
počet závodníků zvýšen na 12 z jednoho státu
seznam funkcionářů na rok 2013
2013 EAAC bude v Polsku v Radomi 1-11 august ředitel Palo Kavka
2014 WAAC bude opět v Dubnici
pro lepší informovanost byl zaveden web
který již funguje
a mnoho dalších informací najdete zde:

The Power ang Glider judging seminar in WW

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

Dear All,

Further to my e mail about letting us know if you are attending at WW on the 17th, I thought it might be useful for you to see the agenda.

The time-scale is pretty tight, as you can see we have a lot to cover. This year the seminar will be a departure in some aspects from previous Schools run in the UK. We think you will find it interesting and hopefully challenging!

What we will do is analyse the core skill needed to become a consistently good judge, and how to apply them within the constraints of the rules. We will also be asking those who attend for feedback so that we can always try to improve future ones.

Graham and Nick

více info V2.pdf